Frequently Asked Questions


After you order your website we’ll produce a tailored content provision system for your website. You’ll then receive a link to it in an email. The email will contain instructions on how to use the system, although it is fairly intuitive.

The content provision system will detail everything you need to provide. It will take you through each section on the website you have chosen, asking for:

  • Copy (your headings and writing)
  • Images
  • Preferences (eg colours)
  • Your business details

The content provision system will provide instructions for each bit of text and each image. The instructions will detail what the accepted best practices are for each block of text, including how to write it, what to write and how long it should be.

No need. We’ll see what you write, as you complete each section, from our end. Once you have completed all sections, we’ll begin work on your website.


You may take your own photographs, provide us with images you have bought online, or, if you are not comfortable sourcing your own images, choose our Images addon and we’ll take care of it for you.

When you choose your website, we’ll produce and send you our content provision system. It’ll request all the photos you need to provide. If you feel a particular section isn’t needed in your website, simply note it as N/A.

Note that free images generally provide a more limited choice than paid images. However, often suitable high quality free images may be found. We recommend, in order of preference:

We recommend, in order of preference:

For any images, we’ll adjust their size and resolution for you. Note that we cannot increase a photo’s resolution, only decrease it, so if you are uncertain about what resolution is needed, it would be best to choose a high resolution. Please try to limit each photo to 10 MB.

Your images should be .jpg, .gif, or .png format only.

In most cases we’ll be able to adjust the size and shape of the image to suit the website.

Website Completion

We’ll be notified automatically when you finish. We may make some suggestions concerning your content, then when we’re both happy with it we’ll begin work on your website immediately.

Your website will be ready for your review between two and ten business days from the approval of your content. You’ll receive a temporary link to your new website for your review.

Yes, you are free to request minor changes to the first draft. These variations are limited to changes to layout within a page, and to the Client’s chosen template’s design scope. However any major deviation from the specifications will be charged at our hourly rate.

As soon as you are happy with the draft version, and we receive your final payment (if owing), you’ll receive a link to your new website.

In that unlikely event, don’t worry, all our websites are guaranteed for one year. Please see our Conditions policy. This basically states that the guarantee doesn’t hold if you access the backend and make changes that result in the problem.

We’ll be in a great position to make any changes for you as we know your website. Contact us and we’ll do it for you at our competitive rates.

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