How It Works

In a Nutshell

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Getting Started

Each of our packages includes a full informational website. Which one you should choose gets down to whether you wish to sell anything on your website, and if so how many different products.

The Standard Package is perfect if you want a customised sales tool to convey specific information about your business to new and existing customers.

If you want to sell one or a few specific products or services our eCommerce Package would be the way to go. You might, for example, wish to sell gifts cards from your florist’s website.

And the Online Store Package is great for selling a range of products or services. It’ll enable the customer to view product images, features and prices. The checking out facility is designed to be smooth.

During the process of ordering your new website, you will be able to select any additional add-ons you may require (if you’re unsure you can decide later).

Which add-ons you need will of course depend on which package you choose, and which additional features you need. Often both the Standard Package and the Online Store Package will provide all the features you need without any need for add-ons. The eCommerce Package will always require at least one add-on in order to provide a payment facility.

Contact us to discuss it; if we can’t adapt an existing add-on we’ll provide a quote for a custom add-on.

That comes after ordering your website, as part of supplying your content.

Yes of course. You’ll be able to choose your colours from our colour picker later.

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Supplying Your Content

After making your initial website payment, you’ll receive a short email questionnaire asking for some details about your planned website, including your chosen template.

You’ll then be set up with a tailor-made content model whose layout corresponds to that of your planned website. It’ll simplify the task of putting together all of your website ideas and content, one section at a time, and the structured format will guide you through the complete process.

Often writing a website’s text is the biggest hurdle for new website clients to overcome. After receiving your custom content model, you can fill in each section of text straight onto it.

The model’s structured format will guide you through the process of providing all of your website text. It divides each page into separate sections, each with its own text box for you to fill in. Each text box is accompanied by useful instructions concerning what to write, how to write it, and how much to write.

Images can be dragged or uploaded onto your model. You’ll be able to put each image next to the relevant text. There may be suggestions about what type of image you could use, and it’s size.

You may take your own photographs or provide us with images you have bought online. (We provide a guide for buying images online in the FAQ below.) We’ll adjust the size and shape of all the images for you.

If you are not comfortable sourcing your own images, simply choose our images add-on and we’ll take care of it for you. We’ll provide you with three options for each image field to choose from.

As you go about completing the content model you’ll find accompanying suggestions about what to provide in each section. We’ll be able to see each completed section as you go, and we’ll provide feedback if we think anything could be improved.

Yes, you’ll find extra sections to choose from in your content model. You can use these if you wish to make any changes to your chosen template’s page layout or if you just need more sections. You are free to increase the template’s length by as many as five sections.

When you have finished, there is no need to send it to us. We’ll be able to see your model from our end.

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Making Changes

Once we have all of your content, we’ll begin work on your website immediately. It’ll usually be ready to show you within two weeks.

Yes. You’ll be provided a link to your website on a temporary domain name.

Of course, you are free to request minor changes.

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Website Completion

We’ll let you know when it’s time to purchase your website hosting and domain name. We’ll also give you all the information you need to get it done. If you already have it, that’s fine, just pass on the details.

That depends on where you buy it. It can cost anywhere from about $50 to $250 per year for hosting, and generally is about $15 to $20 per year for your domain name.

You’ve probably noticed that we have made a recommendation about which hosting company we think is the best, although of course, you are free to use any company you like.

After making your final payment, you’ll be handed over your live website with its own domain name, hosting, email addresses and user guide.

Your user guide will show you how to manage your new website. It will actually be stored on our website, meaning it’ll get updated occasionally, and you won’t lose it. It’ll illustrate how to make simple changes and ensure your WordPress version and any associated software is kept up to date. Lastly, remember to renew your domain name and hosting each year.

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